Motorist Assists

Did you leave your lights on and now your battery is dead? Maybe you were in a hurry to get to class and locked your keys in you vehicle. These are common occurrences on the University. Public Safety will help get your vehicle open or started.

Call the police dispatch at 585-2677.

Tell the dispatcher you need assistance in jump starting your vehicle.

Be prepared to give the dispatcher a complete description of your vehicle including: make; model, color and license plate number. You will also need to tell the dispatcher specifically where your vehicle is located. To assist the officer in finding your vehicle, raise the hood and watch for the officer.

Please realize that you will need to sign a form waiving liability to the U for any damage to your vehicle that may result from accessing your car.

Leave your keys in the car? If you are locked out of your car, you can call Public Safety Dispatch at 585-2677. When you call, please let the dispatcher know the location of your vehicle, along with the color, make and model. Also note any special situations: for instance if the vehicle is running or if a child is inside.

While it seldom happens, damage to vehicles may occur while performing these services; therefore the driver will be asked to sign a waiver stating:

I request the University of Utah Department of Public Safety and its employees to assist me by performing vehicle services described above. I understand and acknowledge that damage may occur to my property by performing these services. I hereby release and agree to hold harmless University of Utah Department of Public Safety and its employees for any damage that may be incurred to my property or me or others while performing or as the result of performing these services on the vehicle described above.