Building Access

Electronic access to University Buildings is managed by U Card. Building access cards are issued by the U-Card Office and usually activated by your building supervisor. You should carry your card with you at all times. Your card is for your own use only; it may not be loaned to others.

If you are authorized to be in an area and have been locked out of the room or building, we can help. Call the dispatch at 585-2677 (5-COPS). Be prepared to tell the dispatcher specifically which area you need to access. The dispatcher will ask for your Employee or Student ID Number, which will be used to verify that you are authorized to enter the requested area. If you are verified, the dispatcher will send a security officer to check your photo id to make sure you are the correct person.

Occasionally you may hurry out of the apartment and shut the door–only to realize at that moment your keys are on the kitchen table!

During Village office hours (8:00 AM to 4:30 PM) you may:

  • Check out a key from the Maintenance office free of charge.
  • Arrange for Maintenance to come open the door for a minimal fee.

You may call Public Safety 585-2677 (5-COPS). Be prepared to tell the dispatcher where you are calling from, your University ID Number, and your apartment number. Once the dispatcher is able to verify you as a resident of the requested apartment, they will send a security officer to meet with you and open your apartment for you. Though University Student Apartments does charge a minimal fee; there is no payment required at the time of service.