Investigative Services


The University of Utah Detective Division is composed of one lieutenant, one sergeant and four detectives.  Members of the Detective Division are assigned investigations involving criminal acts that have occurred on or near the University of Utah campus.  The detectives receive specialized training which assists them with interview and interrogations, crime scene processing, search warrant/subpoena writing, electronic device forensic analysis and intelligence gathering.  All members of the Detective Division investigate crimes against property and crimes against persons to include, but not limited to burglary, theft, criminal mischief, fraud, trespass, threats, assault, aggravated assault and sexual assault. Detectives routinely collaborate with the Salt Lake City Police Department, the FBI and other state and local law enforcement agencies.  Criminal cases investigated by the Detective Division are forwarded to the State of Utah District Attorney’s Office or the Salt Lake City Attorney’s Office for review and the formal filing of appropriate charges.

Lt. Rick Mclenon

Sgt. Heather Horstmeier


The University of Utah Police Department is tasked with the planning and implementing the operational management of security for many special events on campus.  The University of Utah Police Department works with many internal and external departments and organizations to provide additional security for a number of diverse events that take place at the University of Utah.  The University of Utah Special Event Coordinator is tasked with formalizing operational plans which identify the necessary staff, job descriptions, logistical and safety concerns and anticipated criminal activities associated with particular events.  It’s necessary that the plan provide adequate safety and security which will minimize potential risk for all parties involved in the event.  Some of the larger events require coordination and support from local, state and federal agencies.  Currently there is one lieutenant and one sergeant assigned to Special Events.  On average the University of Utah Police Department oversees security and supplies additional officers for over 400 special events on campus yearly. 

Sgt. Jack Fermanian


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