Managing alarms and access on the University of Utah Campus is a joint effort between several University Departments each with an important role.
Public Safety

Monitors and responds to intrusion (burglary), robbery and life safety alarms on the University campus and designated buildings in Research Park.

In some situations such as building access, Public Safety can assist if you are locked out because you left your card in your office, the card does not function properly etc. To obtain assistance, call the Public Safety Dispatcher at 585-2677. Be prepared to give the dispatcher your name, your University ID (Unid) number and which door you want to enter. The dispatcher will verify your name and Unid to confirm your right to enter through the door, then dispatch a security officer to meet with you to verify your identification to that information given to the dispatcher.


U Card is charged with installing and maintaining the alarm systems. If you are experiencing mechanical problems with your alarm system or you are considering modifications or want to add an alarm system; contact the U Card office.