Active Shooter


Preparation and practice are key to surviving an active shooter situation. To help our campus community prepare for the unlikely possibility of such an attack, the Department of Public Safety has provided a 5-minute presentation. The video below is a dramatization of an active shooter situation on the University of Utah campus and provides training on how to react in such a crisis.

Some may find the content disturbing. We recommend watching this video with another person or with a group to facilitate discussion and connections to resources.



The second you think you hear gunshots, run. Look for the nearest exit and run away from the gun sounds. Help others and get out. When you’re clear of the building and in a safe place, call 911 and provide as much detail as possible.


If you can’t run, hide. First, do anything you can to block the door. Just slowing down the shooter could save your life. Don’t all bunch together. If someone’s been shot, stop the bleeding. Turn off the lights and silence your cellphones. You can text the police at 911.


When you have no options left, fight. Fight dirty—throw stuff as hard as you can. Tackle the shooter high and low. Subdue the gun. Gouge the eyes. Make a plan and work together.


Safe U

SafeU is a comprehensive website for all safety-related information, reporting resources, training and more at the University of Utah. 



The University of Utah Department of Public Safety offers a free 60-minute presentation that covers the elements of an active shooter scenario to help teach you how to survive. The training also covers safely responding to incidents of attackers using a knife or other weapon, and to other instances of threatening or intimidating workplace violence. Request training below. Please allow two weeks to schedule a training.

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